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Configure backup in OMV

Here you find the way of backup data from jupiter going to rosetta OMV usb backup. Data to be backed up from jupiter:

  • Git: /var/lib/git
  • Trac: /var/lib/trac
  • SQL: /var/lib/mysql
  • Dokuwiki: /var/lib/dokuwiki
  • Home dirs: /home/guest, /home/steuern

Setup ssh-keys for password-less login

The ssh login without password to jupiter is necessary to make rsync work. Login as root@rosetta. If there is no rsa key pair in /root/.ssh directory, generate it for user root@rosetta:

ssh-keygen -t rsa

Don't enter a passphrase and let ssh put the keys in the default storage location (.ssh). Then copy public key to jupiter:

ssh-copy-id guest@jupiter

Here you will be asked for the password of guest@jupiter. After key has been added succesfully, check if ssh guest@jupiter works without entering password.

If it works, proceed in configuring the sshervice in OMV.

Configure rsync on OMV

Configure git backup on OMV

Git brings its own backup mechanism using ssh to the remote server. So there is no need to rsync the repository.

Once the mirror repository on the backup server (rosetta) by means of the bare repository on the git repository residing on jupiter must be created.

root@rosetta:~# mkdir /var/lib/git
root@rosetta:~# cd /var/lib/git
root@rosetta:/var/lib/git# git clone --mirror guest@jupiter:/var/lib/git/project.git

The created git mirror in /var/lib/git/project.git has remote references to the jupiter git repository and could be synchronized by calling the git update command in the backup server's git repository location:

cd /var/lib/git/project.git; git remote update

Now we need a cron job on OMV to backup the git repository regularly. Go to the “Scheduled jobs” page and add a new schedule.It should look like this:

Configure backup to external USB hard disk on OMV

Configure minidlna to appear on eth0 and wlan0

root@rosetta:~# vi /etc/minidlna.conf