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 +==== Configuration touchscreen ====
 +The driver for the eGalax touchscreen on the Shuttle D10 is supported by recent kernel (3.17 hid_input) and is just to be configured and calibrated.
 +=== Preconfiguration ===
 +Edit file /​usr/​share/​X11/​xorg.conf.d/​99-calibration.conf with content:
 +Section "​InputClass"​
 +        Identifier ​     "​calibration"​
 +        MatchProduct ​   "​eGalax Inc. USB TouchController"​
 +        Option ​ "​Calibration" ​  "​53 3922 3937 200"
 +        Option ​ "​SwapAxes" ​     "​1"​
 +        Option "​EmulateThirdButton"​ "​1"​
 +        Option "​EmulateThirdButtonTimeout"​ "​750"​
 +        Option "​EmulateThirdButtonThreshold"​ "​30"​
 +=== Calibration ===
 +After having a working but uncalibrated touchscreen via the xinput system, the calibration tool called xinput_calibrator must be installed before:
 +apt-get install xinput-calibrator
 +Now fine calibration is possible by
 +xinput_calibrator --output-type xorg.conf.d
 +Follow the guided session and replace calib values in /​usr/​share/​X11/​xorg.conf.d/​99-calibration.conf with results.
 +=== Setting up a virtual keyboard ===
 +The keyboard is required to be permanently present on screen. In case of an accidentally close it should respawn.
 +First install the virtual keyboard and the daemontools:​
 +apt-get install xvkbd daemontools